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Merida & Uxmal Tour

  • Merida Aerial Tour
  • Merida Aerial Tour
  • Merida Aerial Tour
  • Merida Aerial Tour
  • Merida Aerial Tour
  • Merida Aerial Tour
  • Merida Aerial Tour
  • Merida Aerial Tour
  • Merida Aerial Tour
  • Merida Aerial Tour

Enjoy the contrasts between the old and new Yucatan Peninsula and visit the impressive ruins of Uxmal and the colonial city of Merida.

Uxmal, surrounded by legends, myths and stories, poetic in its name and history, is located adjacent to a series of hills known by the name of Puuc in Maya language that means "Serrania" name which subsequently received the architectural style from that region.

The most impressive structure with a 35 meters height, is the house of the seer, the Convent is one of its great buildings too, named like that by the Spanish, who were amazed by the resemblance to European architecture, it was probably used as a school for healers, astrologers and priests. These beautiful ruins are covered with facades decorated with geometric patterns and sculptural complexes.

After lunch at a Mayan restaurant, your guide will take you to the city of Merida visiting the first Catholic cathedral in the Americas wich has over 300 years old, and the Government Palace with its impressive murals depicting the struggle between Spanish conquistadors and Mayas.

Merida - Uxmal Ruins Tour includes:

  1. Round trip flight and land transportation.
  2. Entrance to the Ruins
  3. Guide in your own language.
  4. A visit to the City of Mérida.
  5. Lunch at Mayan Restaurant in Merida.
  6. Approximate time since takeoff 7 Hours
  7. Taxes included ( Airport Tax and IVA )

Merida - Uxmal Ruins Tour from Playa del Carmen is available by private charter
Please contact Aerosaab for tour prices and reservations

Mérida & Uxmal Tour - Total Cost

Saliendo 1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person
Playa del Carmen $2,352 USD $2,352 USD $2,330 USD $3,240 USD $4,050 USD
Cozumel $2,786 USD $2,786 USD $2,801 USD $3,735 USD $4,669 USD
Cancún $2,550 USD $2,550 USD $2,616 USD $4,355 USD $5,445 USD
Holbox $3,200 USD $3,200 USD $3,250 USD $4,445 USD $5,547 USD

Minimum 4 Pax.Taxes Included