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Holbox Island Tour

  • Holbox Aerial Tour
  • Holbox Aerial Tour
  • Holbox Aerial Tour
  • Holbox Aerial Tour
  • Holbox Aerial Tour
  • Holbox Aerial Tour
  • Holbox Aerial Tour
  • Holbox Aerial Tour
  • Holbox Aerial Tour
  • Holbox Aerial Tour

Holbox is an unusual adventure for those seeking something different. The tour can be done from any place of their chorockce, such as Cancun, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen, among others.

Our tour begins after landing on the island, with a guided trip in our boat bound for the Isla Pajaros. This small island is one of the finest bird sanctuaries in the area, you can see in this nesting a great diversity.

Then we will take you to visit the Ojo de Agua Yalahau, which is a freshwater spring, cool, clear, flowing into the sea where you can snorkel (if you have your own equipment).

After the boat trip to the island of birds and to the spring then you will enjoy a city tour where you will find the only shop where guitars are made with local wood.

Also enjoy a stroll through the quiet streets of Sand. Finally enjoy a delicious a la carte lunch at a restaurant overlooking one of the fabulous beaches of the island.

Private airplanes wishing to fly to Holbox Island should see holboxisland.com for more information about the Holbox Airport.


Holbox Island Tour includes:

  1. Airfare, flying over the coast to the beautiful and tranquil island.
  2. A boat for Bird watching at Bird Island
  3. A visit to Yalahau Spring
  4. Lunch including 1 drink per person ( Menu a la carte )
  5. A walk to downtown Holbox.
  6. The Guide
  7. Taxes included ( Airport Tax and IVA )

Get to know Holbox Island and its unspoiled fishing village charm by staying overnight. Modern and comfortable ocean front hotel rooms with two double beds are available for $126 usd a night.

Flights run with a minimum of 4 passengers. Groups smaller than 4 people can contact Aerosaab to be put on the waiting list for this tour.

Holbox Island Tour
Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
leaves Playa del Carmen
at 9:00 am and returns at 5:00 pm.

Holbox Island Tour - Total Cost

Departure 1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person
Playa del Carmen $1,495 USD $1,533 USD $1,571 USD $2,094 USD $2,618 USD
Cozumel $2,780 USD $2,833 USD $2,887 USD $2,900 USD $4,650 USD
Cancún $1,169 USD $1,200 USD $1,288 USD    
Tulum $2,687 USD $2,732 USD $2,778 USD $3,705 USD $4,641 USD

Minimum passengers: 4 - Taxes Included