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When they first arrived in Playa del Carmen 13 years ago, Aerosaab Airlines had to clear the landing strip themselves and paint runway lines. This is hard to believe since Playa del Carmen is now a bustling tourist center and the fastest growing city in Mexico!

An article in the August 19, 1999 Miami Herald describes the founding of Aerosaab Airlines. "Aerosaab is the first airline that began to operate in Playa del Carmen. Ten years ago, the owner Alberto Saab, arrived to the area with only one plane. Alberto is originally from Texcoco, in the state of Mexico, and he has been flying sine 1980. 'I had a dream about a compass and a course; I was on a plane,' commented this man excitedly about how things happen in life. When he had that dream, he woke up at around 4 am and wrote down the numbers of the course he was dreaming about. The morning after the dream, he looked for the course on a map and found the island of Cozumel."

Alberto Saab moved to Playa del Carmen to start Aerosaab Airlines. He began with flights back and forth to Cozumel in the airline's one plane. Again, the Miami Herald describes this period of Aerosaab's history "This new air link became very popular. Back then, Taesa had a flight from Cancun to Cozumel and was the airline that brought the most people to the island. In April 1993, that changed with Aerosaab. In 15 days, this young airline with only one plane with six seats, brought more people to the island than Taesa."

Aerosaab Airlines still runs flight between Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, but their most unique destination is Holbox Island. Aerosaab Airlines recently constructed a new airstrip on Holbox Island and runs air tours to the island from Playa del Carmen. Tourists save time and effort by flying directly to the Chichen Itza Mayan ruins instead of taking an all day bus trip. Aerosaab Airlines gets people to Chichen Itza faster, and earlier.

These days, Aerosaab Airlines has a fleet of two airplanes, both CESSNA brand, one for four passengers and another for five. Passengers can be confident in the airline's years of experience flying from Playa del Carmen. For your safety, the airline and its pilots meet all the government regulations for charter airlines.

Aerosaab Airlines runs the only small aircraft workshop in Quintana Roo, offering repair and maintenance services 24 hours a day. Aerosaab Airlines also makes emergency rescue flights and is recognized by the Mexican government for this community service. Private airplanes wishing to fly to Holbox Island should see www.holboxisland.com for more information about the Holbox Airport.

Private charters for panoramic tours or trips around the Yucatan Peninsula to the Uxmal ruins, Merida, or elsewhere are available any day of the.