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Chinchorro Reef Tour

Enjoy this spectacular scenic tour Aadmiring  the reef from the air.
Chinchorro reef is located 30 kilometers in front of the village  of Mahaual, in the south of the state of Quintana Roo in the Costa Maya It is a protected area covering 144.000 hectares.

There are 3 small cays: Cayo Norte, Cayo Centro and Cayo centro , this cays  have a size of 5 square kilometers each. The water in the reef area has a depth of 3 to 5 meters and there are a variety of coral reefs and multicolored fish. In the Reefs are found  ancient Spanish ships bogged down in the time of conquest.

On this tour you will have the opportunity to fly over 30 minutes seeing the reef  and admiring one of the most spectacular views of the Mexican Caribbean, with an incredible ocean waters blue, transparent, crystalline sunken galleons and admiring the beautiful island of white sand and palm trees .

The view from the air of this reef are impressive by the shade of blue sea and the boats were sunk in the area.

It is strongly recommend a tour.